Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Here! Brand Bootcamp 2010!!!

Brand Bootcamp 2010 – Unlock your brand’s full potential
Brought to you by 1000 Watts Creative Group

November 27th 2010 @ The Cedar Room - West Vancouver Community Centre 9am - 12pm 

Mark it on your calendars and get ready for this exclusive one day intensive workshop. Space is very limited so try to book early to secure your spot.

(Limited to local BC businesses only.)

What is Brand Bootcamp?

Are you a small business owner? Just starting out or perhaps have run a small business for a number of years and looking for ways to be more profitable? Then this is the workshop you want to attend.1000 Watts Creative Group is an international award-winning creative marketing company. Its founders have spent their entire careers building some the largest brands in North America and now they wan to share their strategies with you.

Why is Branding so Important?

Proper branding is the single most important element in the success of any business. The stronger your brand the more ability your company has to command higher margins.

What will I learn?

Attendees will learn:
  • How to create a powerful brand. Learn branding fundamentals, what makes one brand great and another average
  • How a proper brand strategy can make a positive impact on your bottom line
  • The power of your brand voice and the 4 channels of brand messaging
  • Discovering your true target audience and how to create a relationship with them
  • Create your unique Brand Positioning Statement
  • 5 ways to create a successful brand in today's economy
  • Marketing tactics to boost your brand

Plus you receive:

  • A FREE professional evaluation of your current marketing materials
  • FREE Custom Logo Redesign
  • FREE Custom Business Card Redesign
That's a $2300 value!

How much is it?

The Brand Bootcamp Workshop is eligible for BC Government funding under a limited time grant for small businesses in B.C. If you are a small business in B.C. with less than 50 employees, been in business for over a year and are in good standing with BC Corporate Registry then you could receive funding to help cover the cost of the program.

Package Prices

Government funding is available to employees only. Small business owners and Solo-entrepreneurs who wish to attend may also receive a special discount. Please contact us for more information.

Corporate Platinum
       3 Employees for just $396 (*with government grant financing.)
            $3300.00 + HST without government grant financing.

Corporate Gold
       2 Employees for just $276 (*with government grant financing.)
            $2300.00 + HST without government grant financing.

Corporate Silver
       1 Employee for just $150 (*with government grant financing.)
            $1250.00 + HST without government grant financing.

* Price listed represents the HST tax amount for each total package price. If you qualify for government grant pricing you are only required to pay the HST tax.

Space is limited. So book now.

Speaker Bio

Brand Bootcamp is hosted by Kevin Simcock, a prominent international leader of advertising and a devoted advocate for creative ideas that deliver extraordinary results. For over 13 years his passionate vision has guided the creative development for such brands as Direct Energy, Volvo, IBM, Intel, McDonalds, Ontario Tourism, British Columbia Lotteries, Colgate & Palmolive, Dove, Advil, LG, Travel Alberta, Banff Lake Louise Tourism, Altamira Investments, New Balance, Canadian Diabetes Association, Canadian Cancer Society and many more.

Kevin will teach you proven branding techniques and strategies to give your brand the advantage it needs to edge out your competition, connect with your target market and gain more market share.

"The key to brand success is establishing a great relationship with your clients but you must first establish a great brand." Kevin Simcock

Enhance your company’s competitiveness with this exclusive workshop. There is limited space available so contact 1000 Watts today to see if you qualify for government funding assistance and to secure your spot.

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