Friday, May 14, 2010

Creativity is the magic potion

With the onset of so many numerous ways to reach consumers now the importance on content is more crucial than ever. This isn't new. In fact, unless you and your company have been under a rock for the last couple years this is the mantra of most that provide any form of advertising services. But what does having great content really mean? Everyone has an opinion and in most cases they are all right because content is a subjective element to the majority of people. What one person considers relevant content isn't what others might. But as a brand you should be more concerned with what your core target considers relevant content. Your content needs to be so much more than just relevant. It needs to be CREATIVE. That's right, the magical ingredient, the secret elixir that isn't really that much of a secret.
Some companies might disagree with this. Those companies are wrong. Look at any advertising effort whether it be a social media tactic, a tv spot, a billboard, a mobile effort and you will notice that the most creative executions are the ones that people engage with the most. Not convinced? Take a look at the best job in the world campaign done by Australia Tourism, this made social waves around the world with an alarming response rate and tens of thousands of dollars in free media. Why? Because it had a creative idea in it. Not that it was pumped full of SEO or that it had wads of research done to it but because it was creative. If you were to take out the creative idea, the main creative insight out of this campaign it would have failed horribly.
Here is another creative effort, this one is for Google Chrome Speed Test. It's simple yet creative. And with over a million views it's highly effective.
And yet another creative example is the Toyota Sienna van spots that launched on Youtube. (One little caveat here, if you are of the mindset that producing a video for Youtube is cheaper than say a TV commercial think again. If you want to produce high quality video you will pay about the same for production regardless where it ends up.)

But this is a great creative spot. Obviously their mission is to debunk the stigma of vans being unattractive and uncool. I think it's a funny spot that is strategically solid.

So how important is creative to your advertising or marketing efforts. IT's Vital!

So the next time you are about to promote your brand ask yourself this one question, is it creative?

Stay classy kids and keep your creative juices flowing.


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